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ViP®922 SlingLoaded™ DVR Receiver

Planned to Be Available April 7, 2010!

April 5, 2010

We are excited to announce that the ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR receiver (the model ViP922), is planned to be available

April 7, 2010! The ViP922 receiver will allow for a high-definition (“HD”), DVR solution for a single TV. With the model

ViP922 receivers, customers can enjoy simultaneous, uninterrupted and independent TV viewing between the primary TV

in the house and remote viewing on a mobile device or laptop.

This next generation receiver offers the latest top-of-the-line features, including a sleek new user interface and integrated

Sling™ capabilities that make it possible to enjoy TV Everywhere™! Combined with 1080p Video on Demand and

stunning DISH Network HD programming, the model ViP922 receiver revolutionizes the way customers watch and enjoy

their favorite programming! For more information on the model ViP922 receiver, including pricing and features, please

continue reading below.

ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver

Dual-tuner, one-TV receiver Integrated SlingLoaded™ technology

SD and HD output on TV1 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive

Universal 32.0 UHF-2G configurable 4-component remote control

Capacitive-touch front panel controls

Advanced New User Interface

The model ViP922 receiver features a graphics-rich user interface that is both stylish and functional. Exciting new features include:

Colorful and distinctive tile-based menus (see left) make it easy for users to find what you are looking for with the click of a button.

Easily navigate the programming guide, DVR and TV-viewing options.

Quickly find your favorite channels with network logos and view poster art for movies and TV shows.

Home Media allows users to access supported media, including pictures and music, from equipment on their home network (excludes streaming video).

Sling Media Placeshifting Technology for TV Everywhere

Customers can watch and control programming from their model ViP922 receiver on their laptop, desktop computer, or on

compatible mobile devices using a high-speed broadband Internet connection. They can take their DISH Network TV service with them almost anywhere – from the backyard to across the globe!

Using DISH Remote Access on their computer or SlingPlayer Mobile on compatible mobile devices, customers with a model ViP922 receiver can:

Watch live or recorded television programming with remote-viewing compatible mobile devices and PCs, and no need to purchase a SlingBox

Access their DVR’s My Recordings list

Schedule DVR timers

April 5, 2010 Important Notice 040510 Page 2 of 4

Compatible Mobile Devices – In order to view TV from the model ViP922 receiver on a compatible mobile device,

customers must access their DISH Network online account at Next, select the “DISH

Remote Access” link, then click “Go Mobile.” Once customers verify they have a compatible mobile device, they can

follow the on-screen setup instructions.

For the full list of compatible mobile devices, please refer to the set up instructions under the “Go Mobile” link.

The SlingPlayer App for the iPhone™ and iPod touch® is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

More Features of the ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver

There are even more great features available on the model ViP922, the receiver that won CNET’s “Best of CES

2009” in the Home Video category, including:

The largest hard drive in the industry: a dual-tuner, one terabyte (TB) DVR with up to 1,000 hours of recoding time

(please note that this includes VOD content and therefore is not the total recording hours that are available for use by

the customer);

Powerful search capabilities, including the ability to quickly search thousands of listings across the Program Guide,

DVR and DISH On Demand with predictive search; search by program title, description or actor; and view search

results as a standard list or easy-to-read graphical layout.

Outputs in 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i resolutions;

Supports Picture-in-Picture (PIP) in Solo mode;

DISH On Demand (VOD) and DishONLINE (IPVOD) compatible;

Intuitive timer creation and DVR management allows users to categorize programming by groups (video source, title,

themes) or by content description (date, length, ratings and more); and

Like the model ViP 722k and ViP 222k receivers, the model ViP922 receiver does not include a built-in over-the-air

(OTA) tuner, giving customers the option to purchase an MT2 OTA Module accessory (Part #162303; MSRP $29.99;

Retailer price $25) if they wish to receive digital over-the-air broadcasts.

Pricing and Availability

The model ViP922 receiver will be available for both new and existing residential and commercial Public/Private

customers beginning on April 7, 2010.

Not Available in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands – Please note that at this time, the model

ViP922 receiver is NOT available for activation in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Please

stay tuned for more information regarding the availability of the model ViP922 receiver in these areas in the future.

MSRP $649

romotion Primary


DHA TOO* $600

New Customer Upgrade Fee and Purchase Price

FlexTV $600

motions Receiver Upgrade** Receiver Upgrade**

Residential Plan A $200

Plan B $400

Existing Customer

Upgrade Fee

Commercial $200

* Only one leased model ViP922 receiver is allowed per account. Additional model ViP922 receivers may be purchased at MSRP.

** Please note that the upgrade fee is charged separately from any applicable “Technician Visit” fee. (The Technician Visit fee is $119 for Public/Private DISH’n It Up subscribers and $119 for MDU DHA-12 DISH’n It Up subscribers.)

Except in Alaska and Hawaii

ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver Monthly Fees – Effective April 7, 2010

The following monthly fees may apply to accounts with a model ViP922 receiver:

$10 DVR Service Fee – Charged in place of the standard $6 per month DVR Service fee.

$17 Additional ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver Fee – Applicable only if the model ViP922 receiver is in the

secondary position on the customer’s account.

o Please note that although the model ViP922 receiver is a single TV solution, the amount of the Additional

Receiver fee for the model ViP922 receiver is different from other single-TV HD DVR models because of the

several value-added features available on the model ViP922 receiver that are not available on other current DISH


More Information on Installing a ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Receiver

Please see below for specific installation considerations that will be applicable to customer accounts with a model ViP922


ViP922 SlingLoaded DVR Part Number #176646

Only One Leased Model ViP922 Receiver Allowed Per Account – Customers will be permitted to have only one (1)

leased model ViP922 receiver on their account. Customers may purchase additional model ViP922 receivers at

MSRP if they wish.

Broadband Internet Connectivity Required – To enable full functionality of the advanced features of the model

ViP922 receiver, a high-speed broadband Internet connection via direct Ethernet or SlingLink is required.

o SlingLink is the New Name for HomePlug Turbo – Please note that we recently changed the name of the

HomePlug Turbo connectivity device to “SlingLink.” SlingLink uses the power lines in the customer’s home to

connect equipment, such as satellite receivers, to the broadband home network, and eliminates the need to run

new Ethernet cables.

o When selecting any receiver model in R*Connect, you will now be prompted to ask the customer if they currently

subscribe to a broadband Internet service. Please keep in mind that a broadband Internet connection is especially

important for the installation of a model ViP922 receiver.

To ensure the best customer experience and minimize impacts to the customer’s current network and setup, it

is recommended that the customer have an existing router already installed to a broadband Internet


o Connectivity Confirmation E-mail – When a model ViP922 receiver is selected on customer’s account, the customer will be sent an e-mail (shown on right) prior to their installation advising them that in order to enable the full functionality of their model ViP922 receiver, it will need to be connected to broadband Internet through their home router. The e-mail will also provide a link to a Connectivity Test Tool, which the customer should use to confirm that they have the proper home network.


o Installation of Broadband Connectivity Equipment – Installation of the model ViP922 receiver includes the

installation of broadband connectivity equipment using a direct Ethernet connection or a SlingLink for no

additional charge.

Solo Mode by Default – The model ViP922 receiver is a single-TV solution, and therefore will remain in single user

mode by default. The receiver will only go into Duo mode when remote viewing is in session. Once the remote

viewing session has ended, the receiver will return to Solo mode. Please note that the MODE button on the front of

the receiver will not be enabled and installation of the TV2 physical outputs of the receiver is not supported.


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