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Super Joey™ Will Be Available for Customers March 13


At the International Consumer Electronics Show last month in Las Vegas DISH made several product announcements, one of which was the Super Joey. This exciting new product becomes available to new and existing DISH customers on March 13.


The Super Joey provides a signal to one TV, like the regular Joey®. But, unlike the Joey, the Super Joey gives the Hopper® or Hopper® with Sling® access to two additional tuners, for a total of five. This will allow a customer to record up to eight shows at once when recording network broadcasts or using PrimeTime Anytime™.

Customer Eligibility and Pricing

The Super Joey will be available to all new and existing Residential and Public/Private customers, as well as new MDU Residential customers if HD programming is selected.

A Super Joey is only available on accounts with one Hopper or Hopper with Sling.

• Only one Super Joey will be allowed per account.

• A Super Joey will be included in the recommended solution for households that have four or five televisions. o For two- or three-TV households, a Super Joey will be available as a customized solution in Axiom

o No Super Joeys will be allowed on a six-TV configuration


Recommended Equipment Configurations

One TV

Two TVs

Three TVs

Four or Five TVs

Hopper with Sling

Hopper with Sling and Joey

(can customize Super Joey)

Hopper with Sling and two Joeys (can customize to

one Super Joey and one Joey)

Hopper with Sling, Super Joey and two or three Joeys

Additional Receiver Fees


Additional Receiver Fee



Super Joey




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