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One Purchased ViP211 Allowed on a Customer Account with Hopper for Tailgate


With the summer season just arriving, customers want to camp, fish, and go on road trips – and they want to bring their DISH TV with them! Many of these customers may already have or want to purchase a Tailgater light-weight mobile antenna from DISH, while also enjoying the benefits of our recently launched Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR while at home.

With this in mind, effective June 7, 2012, all DISH customer accounts with a Hopper may also activate one (1)
purchased ViP 211/k receiver on their account (limit one per account). In this way, they can have both a Hopper
solution and a Tailgater (which requires a ViP 211/k receiver). Please keep in mind that this is the only exception to the rule that customer accounts with a Hopper configuration cannot also have other model receivers on the same account.



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