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Is DISH Network Former Customer Eligible for New Promotions?

1/4/2012 receives a lot of calls from past customers of DISH Network. Many customers, who disconnected DISH in the past to try out different providers, now come back to DISH Network. However, not every former customer wanting to return to DISH is eligible for a new account. Former customers who had their DISH Network service in the past continuously for less than 6 months will not be able to set up new accounts. In this case they can only restart their old accounts. Those customers, who had DISH Network service in the past without a commitment, will only be able to set up a new account with the 24 month commitment. They will qualify for all new customers’ promotions but will not be able to sign up without a contract. Those customers who had DISH service in the past but either did not pay off the remaining balance, had their DISH service disconnected by DISH Network due to non-payment, or did not return the leased equipment after cancellation will not be able to set up new accounts under their names.

To qualify for a new account, your old account must be cancelled for more than 90 days. If you have disconnected your former DISH account for less than 90 days, you will not be able to set up another account. If your old account has been disconnected for more than 90 days and your old account was in good standing, you will not have any problems in setting up a new account and qualifying for all the promotions. Call to set up your new account today!

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