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Setting Up Your Favorite Channels on Your On-Screen Guide


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DISH Network customers are able to program their receivers to show only their favorite channels on their on-screen guides. This process makes it easier for customers to scroll through their favorite channels to see when their favorite programs are coming up. For those customers, who have DVR receivers on their accounts, these favorite lists, simplify the DVR recording process as well. DISH Network customers are able to set their on-screen guides in three different ways to enhance their DISH experience. The on-screen guide can either show all the channels that DISH Network offers, including PPV. In addition, the guide can be programmed to show only the channels to which the customers are subscribed to on their accounts. In addition, customers can program their on-screen guides to show up to 4 separate favorite channels lists, to satisfy the needs of every family member.

In just a few easy steps, customers can program their DISH Network receivers to show their favorite lists. Customers should press the “menu” button on their remote controls, which is located on the top left portion. Then they should select Option #8 which says “preferences”. A new menu window will open and customers should then select Option #2 which says “favorites”. At that point customers will be able to select one of the following options: all channels, subscribed channels, or 1-4 favorite lists. Choose the option that best suits your needs and then click the “modify list” button. Select all the channels that you need and click the “done” button. After the lists have been finalized, simply click the “cancel” button on your remote control several times to return back to your televisions screens. Your on-screen guides have now been programmed and you can enjoy your favorite channels from DISH Network!

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