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How to open a Second DISH Network Account


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In the past those customers who owned two homes and wished to set up separate DISH Network accounts at both homes, were unable to do that. DISH Network has changed their business rules on opening up second accounts, and now allows customers to have two active accounts open at the same time under their names. It is very simple to open a second account in your second home, or a summer residence. Simple call today and one of our representatives will be able to take care of that for you.

DISH Network requires that all customers who wish to open up a second simultaneous account under their names be in good standing on their first account. This means that all bills must be paid in full and there should be no past due balance on the second account. There should be no interruptions on service on your first account. When you call in to to set up your second account, you will provide all of your contact information. The DISH Network verification department will verify this information and check that your current account is in good standing. You will be informed of all the necessary disclosures and be made aware of your financial responsibilities for both of these accounts. At that point will establish your second account and schedule the soonest installation appointment. You will still qualify for all new customer promotions from DISH Network as well as the $150 VISA Gift Card courtesy of

Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks!

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