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 Dish Network $150 Cash Back Offer

12/10/2011 now offers up to $150 cash back to Dish Network new customers. This is so far the best Dish Network offers. Every customer can get a visa gift card in the amount of $50, $100 or $150.

Up to $150 visa gift card offer qualifications:
1. $150: New customer + 24-month contract + AT200 and higher package + DVR + auto pay + premium customer.
2. $100: New customer + 24-month contract + Dish America / AT120 / AT120plus / Hindi Mega Pack / Chinese Great Wall Pack + premium customer.
3: $50:  All other customers: Former customers, non-premium customers, Dish Family package and equivalent international programming packages + 24-month contract.
4. Gift card will be sent to you within 4 weeks after installation. No rebate form required.
5. You can use a Dish Network ClubDish card, but the combined cash back will be the same as without a ClubDish card. The benefit to use a ClubDish card is to give your friend $50 credit in their account.

"Premium customer" is defined by Dish Network based on your credit score. Normally if your credit score is 700+ you will be a premium customer. is one of the Dish Network 30 national retailers. We have been in business for over 5 years. We have sent out tens of thousand gift cards to our customers. We never get any complaints. Search on Google to  see if you can find any bad words about GWdish. We are #1 Dish Network retailer in terms of customer quality! Our churn rate is the lowest. Your gift card is 100% guaranteed!

Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks!

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