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Benefits of Connecting Your Receivers
to a Land-Based Phone Line or Internet


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            Many customers ask us whether they will be required to have their receivers connected to their phone or internet service by DISH Network. Will this connection possibly save them some monthly service fees, what happens if they have neither at their homes? DISH Network no longer requires customers to connect any of their receivers to either a land-based phone line or a high-speed/broadband internet connection. Thus customers who do not wish to make this connection or customers, who either use just mobile phone or do not have a high-speed internet connection at home, do not have to worry about getting DISH Service. You will still be able to enjoy great DISH network service and receive all the daily updates through your DISH cables.

There are, however, many benefits to having your DISH Network receivers connected to either a land-based phone line or a broadband/internet connection. If your receiver is having some technical difficulties, the Technical Support at DISH Network might identify the problem with your receiver by sending specific signals to your receivers. In addition, customers who have one of these connections can order Pay-Per-View movies and events simply by using their remote controls. In this case, customers do not need to call in to DISH or log in to their accounts online to order PPV. DISH Network has recently introduced their Video on Demand service. Customers who have one of the above connections can order the VOD movies and shows simply using their remote controls, similar to the PPV ordering process. The VOD titles can then be viewed for up to 24 to 48 hours depending on the program. To order VOD service, customers must have their receiver connected to either a land-based phone line or high-speed/broadband internet connection.

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