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World’s First Apple iPad App that Schedules DVRs


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Dish Network is the first to offer a DVR app exclusively for the ipad. Through this app Dish Network customers can turn their ipad in to a remote control. Much like the ipod and iphone, DISH Remote Access for the ipad is a remote DVR scheduler. Providing full access to every DVR feature and function, DVR recordings can be scheduled on multiple receivers. Users can search up to nine days of shows, delete timers and resolve recording conflicts. Users can also manage their DVR libraries by setting recording properties and delete previously viewed programs.

With the ipad – optimized DISH Remote Access app and televisions that are connected to compatible Dish Network receivers; the ipad can also be used as a remote control. Users can browse the program guide, change channels and play recorded programs. Fast forward, pause and rewind features are also included.

Vivek Khemka, vice president of Customer Technology for DISH Network states,
"At DISH Network, we are excited about the potential of tablet computers - like the Apple iPad - to enhance the TV viewing experience and enable consumers to remain connected to their TVs everywhere.
The DISH Remote Access app is compatible with most HD and standard DVR DISH Network receivers including the ViP 922, which is the only DVR with built-in Sling technology. Customers can download the DISH Remote Access app for free by going online to the iTunes Store. Customers can also enjoy all DISH Remote Access benefits through the web browser on their smartphones, PCs and laptops. To learn more about DISH Remote Access, please visit

Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks!

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Author: Janice J.
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