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Top Rated Arabic Channels Exclusive to Dish Network


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Two top rated Arabic Channels have recently been added to Dish Network. The MTV and OTV are only available in the United States to Dish Network customers.

"We strongly believe that the addition of these high-value channels to the DISH Network platform will certainly please our viewers and DISH Network customers," stated Karim Abdallah, CEO of IMD. "These two new channels bring high-quality programming to the Arabic line-up from Lebanon. MTV and OTV cater to Lebanese and Arabic families living in the U.S."

Catering to the Lebanese community, OTV is a general entertainment channel for all ages. OTV is located on channel 607. This channel includes children’s programs, game shows, talk shows, along with tourism, travel and lifestyle programs. There are also featured news and economic programming.

The MTV channel has popular programs like Bab El Hara and Studio El Fan. There are talk shows and children’s shows. MTV also has music programs and daily news bulletins from Lebanon. MTV can be found on channels 644 and 760.

"With the addition of these sought after channels, we now offer 27 Arabic channels for our customers – by far the most in the industry" stated Chris Kuelling, vice president of International Programming for DISH Network. "DISH Network is proud to be the go-to TV provider for the widest variety of top-rated International programming at the absolute best price in the industry."

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Author: Janice J.
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