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Programming Your DISH Network DVR Receiver Timers


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Programming your DISH Network DVR timers should not be a hassle. It has never been easier to set up timers to record your favorite shows or movies on your DISH Network DVR’s. Customers can program their DVR timers manually through their remote control or over the internet at Customers can also record live programs by simply clicking the “Record” button on their remote controls and the DVR will begin to record right away.

To program future programs, customers need to go to their on screen guides by clicking the “Guide” button. There you will be able to view upcoming programs for up to 8 days and set up the timers. DVR timers given the customer an option of scheduling an individual event by choosing the “Once” option on the timer or setting up continuous events by choosing either the “Daily”, “Weekly”, “M-F” or “All Episodes” options. For weekly shows, customers can also select the “New Episodes” option to record only the new episodes of each program.

To program your DVR times over the internet, the DVR receiver must be connected to a high speed internet or broadband connection. Once the connection is established, the customer can log on to his/her account online at to set up the timers. Thus you can be away from home and not miss your favorite programs. Depending on the model DVR that customers have, each DVR can have between 100 to 300 worth of recording memory, and that is only for SD programming! HD DVR receivers also have separate memory for HD recordings!

If you have a 512, 612 or the 922 DVR receiver models, you are able to record either two programs at the same time, or be able to record one program while watching another. If you have the 625, 622 or the 722 receiver models you have several options. These receiver models allow you to record a different program on each television at the same time, or record a program on one set and watch another live program on the next. These receiver models can work on either “Single” or “Dual” mode. Typically these models are set to the “Dual” mode. If you wish to have this receiver to work in the “Single” mode, simply switch the mode button on the front panel of the receiver. That was you will be able to program all timers on just one of the two televisions. Call today to order you DISH Network DVR receiver and never miss your favorite programs again!

Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks!

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