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Performing a Check Switch Function on your DISH Network Receiver


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Occasionally we receive calls from existing DISH Network customers who state that their receivers have given them an error message stating “Acquiring Satellite Signal” or “A Problem Has Been Detected with Your Multi Switch”. These messages might come up if your area has recently experienced bad weather or of the receiver has been unplugged. If you receive one of these error messages, a simple test could be performed on your DISH Network receivers to determine if there is a problem. Many times after this test the receiver returns to its regular function and the error message disappears.

On your remote control (usually on the top left corner) there is a “Menu” button. In order to start this process, you must first click on this button. A series of options will appear. You must first select option number 6 “System Setup”. A new menu of options will appear so you must select option number 1 “Installation”. A third menu option will come up and you must select option number 1 “Point Dish/Signal”. You will now see a “Point Dish” screen on your television. Using the arrow buttons on your remote control, click on the “Check Switch” option on the right hand side. A new window will appear in which you should click on “Test”. The receiver will perform this function and provide you with the results.

If everything is working fine, you will see “Ok” indicators on each satellite in the green background. Once this is done, simply click on the “Done” button. After that simply click the “Cancel” button on your remote control several times to return to your main screen. At that point you will see the “Acquiring Satellite Signal” message again, allow the receiver to acquire the signal in full (which usually takes less than a minute). Your picture should return. If the “Check Switch’ has indicated a problem, or has shown that there is a satellite missing, please call DISH Network customer service at 800-333-3474 for further assistance from the technical support group.

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