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Introducing DISH Network’s Russian Programming 


Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks! is proud to offer an exciting array of Russian programming to its Russian speaking customers, courtesy of DISH Network! New customers wishing to order Russian language programming through will receive the $50 VISA Gift Card bonus! Existing customers of DISH Network wishing to upgrade their programming and/or add-on Russian language channels can call customer service at 888-950-6788.

DISH Network provides customers with several options for ordering Russian language programming. Customers can order NTV America Channel A-la Carte for $19.99/month. Customers can also order Russian Mega Pack for $24.99 per month. Customers who wish to order the NTV America or the Russian Mega Pack  must subscribe to a Basic American package for $10/month

The descriptions of the channels in the Russian Mega Pack are available below:

NTV America-is one of Russia’s most popular 24 hour channels, broadcasting news, movies, talk shows, concerts and sporting events from Russia and New York.

TV1000 Russian Kino-a 24 hour film channel devoted to classic and new Russian movies.

Russian Extreme Sports-a sports channel for the ultimate sports fan. Customers will enjoy extreme sports such as motor biking, racing, etc.

CTC-a 24 hour channel devoted to pure entertainment. Customers will enjoy new Russian shows, serials and cartoons, as well as old classic films.

TVCI-a 24 hour channel broadcasting news, talk shows, serials and documentaries from Moscow.

Euronews-a 24 hour news channel broadcasting the latest European and world news in English, available with Russian subtitles.

La Minor-a new music channel devoted to jazz and chanson music.

Comedy TV.

NHL Network.

KHL Network.

Dish Network Russian deals in the US.

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