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Getting DISH Network Service at a Vacation Home


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Summer vacation season is here! During this time of year, we may have customers who inquire about receiving their DISH Network service at a vacation home or second home. For these customers, the best solution may be to create a second account for the customer’s alternate residence.

Seasonal Customers
Seasonal or “snowbird” customers typically spend a significant portion of the year in a primary residence, and a single season (often winter) at another. Here is how customers have a smooth transition between their residences:
•Contact a local Retailer near their alternate residence to set up a DishMOVER transaction (if eligible).
•The customer will take their receivers with them from the primary residence to their alternate residence.
•The address on the account will be updated by the customer and Retailer performing the DishMOVER transaction by calling the DASH line.
•The customer will bring their receivers back to their primary residence at the end of the season and update the address on their account.

Only one DishMOVER transaction is necessary, since after the first, the customer will have antennas installed at both locations. They will then only need to bring their receivers with them, and call DISH to have their account address information updated when they switch residences!

Transient Customers
Did you know that DISH Network service doesn’t have to be limited to a customer’s house? In fact, you can install DISH Network on an RV, boat or commercial truck!

Eligible types of recreational vehicles include camping van conversion trailers, folding camping trailers, travel trailers, and fifth wheel vehicles. You can also perform installations on boats 26 feet or longer and on 18-wheel commercial trucks (limit one tuner)!

Keep in mind that a current copy of the vehicle’s registration and a Proof of Ownership form (located on DISH Portal) must be filled out and sent to DISH Network within 7 days of activation.

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