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Dish Network Duo Receiver and Duo DVR Functions Explained


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We get a lot of questions from new customers about connecting 2 televisions from DISH Network at no additional cost. We would like to explain how customers could have 2 televisions connected on their DISH Network account through just one receiver without having to pay any additional monthly fees for the second television. Whenever customers place an order for a 2 room set-up, DISH Network provides them with an HD Duo Receiver. A Duo receiver is just one box that gets installed in the first room next to the main television. The technician then uses an existing cable or runs a new cable to the second room where the second television is located. At that point he simply connects the second television to the Duo receiver. Since the receiver has 2 tuners in it, customers are able to watch 2 different channels on both of the televisions at the same time. By watching one channel or channels on one television, that user does not disrupt the function of the second tuner to which the second television is connected to.

With the Duo receiver customers do not pay any monthly leasing or service fees for having a second television on their account. Furthermore, both tuners require their own separate remote controls, so that each television is controlled by its independent remote. The Duo receiver has a small antenna connected to its rear panel which is able to transmit signal to the remote control in a different room for the second television. Customers could have their 2 televisions located on different floors of the house and the remote controls would still be functional. Each remote control would have its individual address which the technician would program on the day of the installation, thus the remote controls would not interfere with each other’s functions.

In addition, those customers who order a 2 room set-up through DISH Network and would also like to have DVR on their account, would be able to enjoy the DVR feature on both of their televisions. In this case customers would receive an HD Duo DVR receiver from DISH Network. This receiver would allow customers to record two separate shows at the same time on both of their televisions. The first and the second televisions are capable of recording one show each on different channels at the same time. In addition, customers could record one show on the first television and watch a live show on a different channel on the second television using the HD Duo DVR receiver. The best feature of this receiver is that all the recordings from both televisions are stored in a joint database for both televisions. This allows customers to watch programs that have been recorded on both televisions. For example a program that was recorded on the first television could be played back on either that first or even the second television, and vice versa! We encourage new customers to take advantage of the Duo receiver or the Duo DVR receiver when submitting your orders through!

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