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DISH Network now has which hosts live and recorded television. It also hosts more than 150,000 movies, television programs and trailers. Customers can watch their DVR recordings and see content from popular networks such as Encore, Starz, EPIX, Food Network, MTV and Discovery. DISH Network offers this service free to customers with paid subscriptions.

Customers can also search for program information by genre, actor's name, network and title. DISH Network's advanced search engine allows customers to pull up extra information about programs and actors. Find out what movies a particular actor is in or view video content related to a show. Learn about actors just by typing in their name, it's simple.

Dave Shull, senior vice president of Programming for DISH Network states, " integrates DISH Network's expansive TV programming lineup with the vast amount of online video content, adding another dimension to our 'pay once, take your TV everywhere' product platform."

Non-DISH Network customers can also enjoy, however only Dish Network customers will receive extra features simply by going online and logging into their DISH Network Account. Customers who have the ViP 922 Sling loaded receivers and soon to be released Sling Adapter will be able to view live and recorded programs.

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Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks!

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