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Moving to a New Residence?
DISH Network’s Dish Mover Service Outlined


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Many customers ask us what will happen to their DISH Network account if they move. Will they be allowed to transfer their existing accounts on to the new addresses, or will they have to cancel their existing accounts and set up new ones. DISH Network offers its existing customers a hassle free DISH Mover Service. All that the customers must do is call DISH Network at 888-557-9569 and set up their DISH Mover appointment. You will need to provide DISH Network with your new physical address and the date of the move. You will need to take your existing receivers and their corresponding remote controls with you when you move. A DISH Network technician will take care of the rest for you at your new address!

DISH Network has waived its $95 technician visit fee for the DISH Mover service as well as the 24 month contract extension. Thus there are no longer charges for having a DISH Network technician to come out to your new residence and install a new DISH antenna there. Customers are also no longer required to extend their contracts when taking advantage of the DISH Mover service. Each customer is given one free DISH Mover service by DISH Network within 2 years. However, those customers who have international programming from DISH which requires a separate or a different international antenna model will be charged a fee by DISH Network for having their international antenna relocated. To schedule your DISH Mover service today, please call DISH Network at 888-557-9569 and continue to enjoy your DISH service at your new home!

Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks!

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