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DISH Network Account Privacy and Security


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In the recent months, DISH Network has added even more steps to ensure the privacy and the security of the accounts of new and existing customers. Now, new and existing customers of DISH Network are required to set up a 4-digit Personalized Identification Number (or PIN) on their accounts. Whenever customers would call in to customer service, each agent would be required to verify the PIN number before making any changes or inquiries on the account.

In addition, DISH Network customers are now able to add on up to 4 authorized users on to their accounts. These authorized users would be able to make any programming changes, update billing information and make payments on the accounts if the account holder is not present at that time. New customers can choose these authorized users at the time of their order to simplify the process. Existing customers can add on any authorized users on to their accounts either by calling in to DISH Network customer service at 1-800-333-3474 or by logging in to their accounts online 24/7 at To ensure account privacy, please remember that DISH Network representatives will not call or e-mail any customer and ask for any of the personalized information on the account such as the PIN number, account numbers, authorized users, or receiver numbers. Call today to order DISH Network through and our representatives would be able to set up these additional settings on your new accounts!

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