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Referral Bonuses for New and Existing Customers


Call 1-800-996-0866 to get up to $150 gift card bonus!
( - With or without a ClubDish Card code. )

DISH Network has an exciting referral program available for its new and existing customers! Those customers who participate in the ClubDish Referral Program are able to receive extra bonuses courtesy of DISH Network. also honors this referral program and is able to set up referral accounts for customers. Thus customers who were referred to us by their friends or relatives will not only get the Club Dish bonuses but also up to $100 VISA Gift Card courtesy of The ClubDish Referral Program is very simple.

If a friend of a relative who already has DISH Network at home has referred you to us, all you need to provide at the time of your order is a Club Dish Credit Certificate Number. This is a unique alpha numeric number that existing customers can provide to new customers. The existing customer can retrieve a Club Dish Certificate Number either by calling in to DISH Network customer service at 1-800-333-3474 or by logging on to his/her account online at The Club Dish Certificate Number could then be found under the “Offers” tab on the online account. Once you receive the number, please give a call to set up your order and qualify for the extra bonus.

The added bonus would then apply to both the new customer’s and the referrer’s accounts. The new customer will receive a one-time $50 discount on his/her first month’s bill. If the amount of the first month’s bill is lower than $50, the leftover amount will then carry over into the next month’s bill! The referrer will also receive $50 courtesy of DISH Network. The referrer will see $5 monthly discounts on his/her DISH Network bill for 10 consecutive months. In addition, the referring customer will receive an extra bonus from DISH Network if the customer who was referred keeps his/her account active and in good standing for more than 31 days. In that case the referring customer will receive coupons for 5 Free Pay Per View movies, courtesy of DISH Network! The Club Dish Referral Program is a great way to introduce new customers and reward existing customers of DISH Network. Under this program one account holder can refer up to five new customers to DISH Network per year and receive the appropriate Club Dish credits! New customers of DISH Network could start participating in this program as well and refer more customers right after their system has been installed.

Call 1-800-996-0866 to get up to $150 bonus!

Up to $150 visa gift card offer qualifications:
1. $150: New customer; 24-month contract; AT200 and higher package; DVR; auto pay; premium customer.
2. $100: New customer; 24-month contract; Dish America / AT120 / AT120plus / Hindi Mega Pack / Chinese Great Wall Pack; premium customer.
3: $50:  Former customers, non-premium customers  with a 24-month contract; Dish Family package.
4. Card will be sent to you within 4 weeks after installation.
5. Offer valid to 12/31/2012.

Order Dish Network to receive up to $150 cash card in 4 weeks!

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