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Switched to the Wrong Channel? A Quick Guide to Getting Back on Track


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The DISH Network remote that come with your new receivers are considered to be universal remote controls. The DISH Network remote controls are able to not only control your DISH Network receivers, but also you televisions, VCR and/or DVD players. Because of these multiple functions, these remotes have an array of technical specs that are not available on regular remote controls. On the day of your installation, the DISH Network technician programs these remote control to work specifically with your existing television, and if you have any VCR or DVD players. Typically your first, third, and fifth television connections are set on Channels 3 or 4. Your second, fourth, and sixth television connections are usually programmed to Channels 60 or 73.

On the top portion of the DISH Network controls you can see 4 different clear-colored buttons. These buttons indicate “Sat”, “TV”, “VCR” and “Aux” and show which device your remote control is set on. The remote control should always be set in the “Sat” mode, that way you are able to watch your DISH programming. If at any point by accident you click on one of the other clear buttons, make sure to return to the “Sat” mode.

If you have clicked on one of the other modes and then attempted to change the channel, the setting on your television would change and you would then see a white snow on your screen. This can be resolved very quickly and without a technician present. Just click on the “TV” button on the top of the remote control. The button will light up once in red. At that point depending on which television connection you have (1st, 3rd, 5th or 2nd, 4th, 6th) use the keypad on your remote control to get back to the correct channel which will be either 3, 4, or 60, 73, Once you have completed this process, your television will be set back onto the right channel. To complete this step, clink on the “Sat” button on the top of your remote control. This way you remote will be set to the correct functions. If you still have questions, please call DISH Network customer service at 800-333-3474.

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