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Receiver Connectivity via Land-Based Phone Line or Broadband Internet

o 4 Ways to Connect the Receiver via a Phone Line

      1. Direct Connect -If there is a phone jack nearby, direct connect is an easy way to connect any receiver to a phone line.
      2. Phonex Wireless Modem Jack -If there is no phone jack nearby, a Phonex wireless modem jack can be used to connect a non-ViP-series receiver.
      3. More than One ViP-Series Receiver, with One Connected to a Phone Jack -Set up a DishCOMM Network between the ViP-series receivers to allow the receivers that are NOT near a phone jack to call out through the receiver that IS connected to the phone line, using the home power lines.
      4. All ViP-Series Receivers, None are Near a Phone Jack -Use a DishCOMM Modem if you have all ViP-series receivers, but none are near a phone jack. The DishCOMM Modem connects to the phone line and the home抯 power lines, allowing the receivers to call out through the DishCOMM Modem using the power lines in the home.

Receiver and Phone Line are Near Each Other

Receiver and Phone Line are NOT Near Each Other

Non ViP-Series Receivers

Direct connect to phone line

Phonex wireless modem unit

ViP-Series Receivers

  1. Direct connect to phone line
  2. DishCOMM Network through connected receiver

DishCOMM Modem

  • Benefits of Connecting to a Phone Line
    1. Caller ID (when you have a subscription from a local phone company)
    2. Order Pay-Per-View using the remote control with no ordering fee (not applicable to the 922; broadband must be used instead)
    3. Access DishHOME Channel 100 for apps like games, shopping, news, sports and Customer Support (DishHOME/Channel 100 is not available on the model ViP 922 receiver)

o 2 Ways to Connect the Receiver via Broadband Internet

 Directly with an Ethernet Cable -If you have an Ethernet port or a broadband router/switch in the room with the receiver, you can directly connect an Ethernet cable to the back of the ViP-series receiver.

  1. Connect with SlingLink -If the router or switch is in a different room than the receiver, you can use the HomePlug capabilities inside the receiver to connect with the router/switch using the home抯 power lines. Plug the receiver to the power outlet in the wall, then plug a SlingLink device between the router or switch and the power outlet.
      • The equivalent of a SlingLink device is already inside all ViP-series receivers. You can have up to 15 receivers in the home plugged into power outlets that are connecting with one SlingLink device and the router or switch.
      • Benefits of Connecting to Broadband Internet
        • Use DishONLINE (our IP-VOD service) on ViP-series DVR receivers. Access thousands of movies and programs to download, whenever you want to watch them!
        • Order Pay-Per-View using the remote control, with no ordering fee
        • Use DISH Remote Access to view live and recorded programs on a ViP-series DVR (requires a Slingbox installed or a model ViP 922 receiver)
        • Access apps on model ViP 922 receivers like games, weather, and Customer Support
        • Access the apps on the model ViP 922 receiver. it helps you connect other digital devices together, allowing you to see photos on your TV and listen to audio.

o SlingLink Turbo -Be sure to check out the new SlingLink Turbo device. It抯 small and compact, and the back has only an Ethernet port and a plug for the power cord, making for an easy install!

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