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Dish Network 24-Month Commitment Option vs. No Commitment Option


There are many benefits associated with signing up with a 24 Month Commitment through DISH Network. The 24 Month Digital Home Advantage (or DHA 24) Commitment provides new customers with a Free Activation, courtesy of DISH Network (typically a $99 value)! In addition, those customers who sign up with the DHA 24 Commitment will receive the $15 Credit for the First 12 Months off of the regular price of either the America’s Top 120, 200, 250 or the Everything Packages. Furthermore, customers who sign up with the DHA 24 Commitment will be eligible for the Free HBO and Showtime or the First 3 Months Offer as well as for the HD Free for Life Offer. Very importantly, customers who sign up for the DHA 24 commitment will receive a $150 VISA Gift Card courtesy of!

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There are also several technical benefits available for customers who sign up with the DHA 24 Commitment. These customers would receive Free Service Plan for 6 Months courtesy of DISH Network. The Service Plan is DISH Network’s warranty that specifically covers visits of technicians. Keep in mind that customers have a lifetime warranty on their DISH Network receivers so they can replace a malfunctioning receiver free of charge. The Service Plan decreases the cost of each technician visit from the regular $95 fee to $15 fee! At the end of the promotional 6 month period, customers could either extend the Service Plan automatically for $6/month or call in to DISH Network and remove it from their accounts. Customers who subscribe to the DHA 24 Commitment have the freedom within the 24 months to change their programming package, just as long as they stay with a Basic package at all times (either America’s Top 120 Channels, DISH America HD, or any of the Qualified International Packages). Customers also have the freedom to de-activate any of the additional televisions that they have connected to DISH Network to lower their monthly bills within the 24 months.

Another great feature of the DHA 24 Commitment is the DISH Mover Service! Those customers who subscribe to DISH Network with the DHA 24 Commitment would have the regular $95 technician visit fee for a DISH Mover Service waived. That means you can relocate the service from one address to another in case if you move to a different residence free of charge. Those customers who order International Programming might still be assessed by DISH Network for the international dish model in case of a DISH Mover Service. We encourage all our customers to sign up to DISH Network with a 24 month commitment in order to take advantage of all these great benefits!

On the other hand, those customers who do not wish to sign up for 24 months with DISH Network can elect to pay a one time $99 Activation Fee. Without the 24 month commitment, these customers would be able to cancel their service at any time without any cancellation fees. As a side not, we recommend to these customers so stay with the service for at least 6 months, that way if they would like to return to DISH Network in the future, they would not have any problems opening up new accounts. Customers who elect the No-Commitment option would not be eligible for any of the before-mentioned promotional offers from DISH Network and the $150 VISA Gift Card courtesy of

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