• Free Installation (Additional monthly service fee from 2nd receiver).
  • Free Activation.
  • Free HD for life.
  • Free HBO for 1 year
  • Free Showtime / Cimenax / Starz / Dish Movie Pack for 3 months.
  • Protection plan free for 6 months.
  • 2-year contract required.
  • Need to pass credit check.
  • Free $100 dish gift card (From GWDISH.com)

  • 2-Year Guarantee Offer

  • Almost all of the America's TV channels are included. You get the Best Dish Network deals here! Best Dish deals.

  •   to compare channels in different packages.
  •    to check your local channels.

  • Offers valid between 6/10/2017 and 9/5/2017.

  • Dish movie pack: $10/month. Click here to see channels.
  • Premium Movies:
  • HBO, 8 channels, $15/mo
  • Starz, 8 channels, $10/mo
  • Showtime, 10 channels, $15/mo
  • Cinemax, 5 channels, $10/mo
  • Flex Pack: see the channels below:

    • Addition Packs: The following can be ordered as additions to you core programming package. You can add one or more of these packs.


    All international packages have to be ordered together with one of the following core programming packages:

    Core Programming Package Options for New Customers Who Subscribe to International Programming*
    America’s Top
    America’s Top 120 Plus;
    America’s Top 200;
    America’s Top 250;
    Basic Packages**
    *Programming offered, and any restrictions applicable to such programming, are subject to change at Any Time in DISH’s Sole Discretion.

    **Please note that these packages may not be subscribed to without Residential International Programming or Residential Basic International Programming.

    Most popular international packages: (must order with one core programming package)

  • DISH Network Chinese Great Wall Package ------------------------ 22 channels. $14.99/mo
  • DISH Network Hindi Mega Pack ----------------------------------- 26 channels. $54.99/mo.($5/month discount for 2 years if you order AT120 plus or higher package)

  • Monthly DVR Fee Structure Related to Additional Receivers

    Dish Network's Hopper and Joey receivers are so far the best whole-home-HD-DVR solution on the market.

    With the Hopper and Joey receivers you will get HD-DVR service on all of your TVs. Hopper receiver has 250 hours of HD program, or 2000 hours of SD program recording capacity (722 receiver can only record 50 hours of HD or 350 hours of SD program). Hopper is free if you order AT120 and higher package. $99 one time charge if you order lower packages. PrimeTime Anytime recording capabilities which will only record in HD for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX during primetime hours (8 PM to 11 PM ET Monday through Saturday, and from 7 PM to 11 PM ET on Sunday). Hoppers cannot mix use with regular receivers.


    Wireless Joey receivers are available at a $25 one time fee per reveiver.

    Dish introduced Hopper 3 / Joey 2.0 system on 2/1/2016. Hopper 3 can record  up to 16 channels at the same time!

    Click here to see more information about Hopper 3, Joey 2.0 and 4K content.


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    02/24/2016 Big Ten Network will be included in AT120plus, AT200, AT250 and Everything packages!
    02/17/2016 Dish Hopper 3 Joey 2 and 4K content
    02/01/2016 Dish to offer 3-year price guarantee!
    02/12/2015 Directv customers may get $250 check to transfer to Dish
    02/07/2015 Limited time offer: Watch Cricket World Cup for 99 cents!
    01/23/2015 DISH Network Makes Promotions Sweeter
    02/27/2014 Super Joey™ Will Be Available for Customers March 13, 2014
    11/15/2013 Dish added a surprise 35,000 video customers in third quarter
    01/29/2013 Dish Network offers Hopper with sling receiver for free
    10/01/2012 Dish Launches DishNet High-speed Internet Service
    08/29/2012 Dish Network Hopper™ GameFinder App Available August 30, 2012
    06/07/2012 One Purchased ViP211 Allowed on a Customer Account with Hopper for Tailgate
    01/09/2012 Hopper and Joey - Dish Network Next Generation Whole-Home HD DVR Entertainment System
    01/05/2012 Is DISH Network Former Customer Eligible for New Promotions?
    12/27/2011 How to get a Dish Network Sling adapter for free
    12/20/2011 Dish Network $150 Cash Back Offer
    11/01/2011 How to program Dish Network remote to TV
    07/25/2011 Open a Second DISH Network Account
    06/16/2011 DISH Network Commercial Accounts
    05/20/2011 Benefits of Connecting Your Receivers to a Land-Based Phone Line or Internet
    04/21/2011 DISH Network Upfront Costs Outlined
    02/16/2011 Setting Up Your Favorite Channels on Your On-Screen Guide
    12/14/2010 Ordering the NFL Red Zone from DISH Network
    11/17/2010 DISH Network HD Stand-Alone Basic Packages
    11/04/2010 Moving to a New Residence? DISH Network’s Dish Mover Service Outlined
    10/14/2010 Ordering DISH Network Pay-Per-View
    10/04/2010 Switched to the Wrong Channel? A Quick Guide to Getting Back on Track
    09/28/2010 Performing a Check Switch Function on your DISH Network Receiver
    09/12/2010 Programming Your DISH Network DVR Receiver Timers
    09/08/2010 Fantasy Football Games are Here!
    09/01/2010 DISH Network’s Local Channels Availability
    08/28/2010 DISHOnline.com the Online Video Portal
    08/25/2010 Performing a Reset Function on Your DISH Network Receiver
    08/21/2010 Football Fans Get Ready! Dish Network now offers NFL Red Zone.
    08/18/2010 Introducing DISH Network’s Russian Programming
    08/16/2010 Club Dish Referral Program: Bonuses for New and Existing Customers
    08/13/2010 Willow Cricket Channel Added to Dish Network Hindi Mega Pack
    08/12/2010 Dish Network Duo Receiver and Duo DVR Functions Explained
    08/09/2010 DISH Remote Access App for Apple iPad™Available Now!
    08/08/2010 World’s First Apple iPad App that Schedules DVRs
    08/07/2010 Top Rated Arabic Channels Exclusive to Dish Network
    08/04/2010 DISH Network Account Privacy and Security
    08/02/2010 DISH Network Online Accounts and Autopay w/Paperless Billing
    07/30/2010 Dish Network Benfica TV
    07/29/2010 Dreshery Wins The 2009 Top 100 Dish Network Retailers Award
    07/28/2010 DISH Network HD Free for Life Offer vs. Directv HD Free for Life Offer
    07/27/2010 Dish Network CMT Front Row Only
    07/26/2010 24-Month Commitment Option vs. No Commitment Option
    07/24/2010 International Programming Packages and Offers Explained
    07/22/2010 Dish Network Additional Monthly Fees Explained
    07/20/2010 Dish Network Launched Echo XV Satellite
    07/16/2010 Dish Network Star Ananda Channel Launched and Added to Prabasi Pack
    07/14/2010 MTV Tr3s changes to TR3s
    07/10/2010 Getting DISH Network Service at a Vacation Home
    07/06/2010 Dish Network July Pay-Per-View Movies
    07/01/2010 Dish Network launches Racetrack Television Network
    07/01/2010 Temple Off Campus Housing
    06/30/2010 Dish Network launched Palladia
    06/28/2010 Dish Network tops satellites and cable in American customer satisfaction index
    06/25/2010 Order Dish Network through to receive $200 cash!
    06/24/2010 Dish Network launches new Bengali-language package
    06/16/2010 Father's Day Free Previews for DISH Network customers!
    06/14/2010 Dish Network tech news update
    06/11/2010 DISH Network Premieres FIFA World Cup Channel, available to DishLATINO Customers
    05/14/2010 Dish Gets Another Day in Court to Battle TiVo’s Patent Lawsuit
    04/05/2010 Dish Network 922 Receiver

       Archived DISH Network news

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