• Free Installation (Additional monthly service fee from 2nd receiver).
  • Free Activation.
  • Free HD for life.
  • Free HBO for 1 year
  • Free Showtime / Cimenax / Starz / Dish Movie Pack for 3 months.
  • Protection plan free for 6 months.
  • 2-year contract required.
  • Need to pass credit check.
  • Free $100 dish gift card (From GWDISH.com)

  • 2-Year Guarantee Offer

  • Almost all of the America's TV channels are included. You get the Best Dish Network deals here! Best Dish deals.

  •   to compare channels in different packages.
  •    to check your local channels.

  • Offers valid between 6/10/2017 and 1/5/2018.

  • Dish movie pack: $10/month. Click here to see channels.
  • Premium Movies:
  • HBO, 8 channels, $15/mo
  • Starz, 8 channels, $10/mo
  • Showtime, 10 channels, $15/mo
  • Cinemax, 5 channels, $10/mo
  • Flex Pack: see the channels below:

    • Addition Packs: The following can be ordered as additions to you core programming package. You can add one or more of these packs.


    All international packages have to be ordered together with one of the following core programming packages:

    Core Programming Package Options for New Customers Who Subscribe to International Programming*
    America’s Top
    America’s Top 120 Plus;
    America’s Top 200;
    America’s Top 250;
    Basic Packages**
    *Programming offered, and any restrictions applicable to such programming, are subject to change at Any Time in DISH’s Sole Discretion.

    **Please note that these packages may not be subscribed to without Residential International Programming or Residential Basic International Programming.

    Most popular international packages: (must order with one core programming package)

  • DISH Network Chinese Great Wall Package ------------------------ 22 channels. $14.99/mo

    Monthly DVR Fee Structure Related to Additional Receivers

    Dish Network's Hopper and Joey receivers are so far the best whole-home-HD-DVR solution on the market.

    With the Hopper and Joey receivers you will get HD-DVR service on all of your TVs. Hopper receiver has 250 hours of HD program, or 2000 hours of SD program recording capacity (722 receiver can only record 50 hours of HD or 350 hours of SD program). Hopper is free if you order AT120 and higher package. $99 one time charge if you order lower packages. PrimeTime Anytime recording capabilities which will only record in HD for ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX during primetime hours (8 PM to 11 PM ET Monday through Saturday, and from 7 PM to 11 PM ET on Sunday). Hoppers cannot mix use with regular receivers.


    Wireless Joey receivers are available at a $25 one time fee per reveiver.

    Dish introduced Hopper 3 / Joey 2.0 system on 2/1/2016. Hopper 3 can record  up to 16 channels at the same time!

    Click here to see more information about Hopper 3, Joey 2.0 and 4K content.


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    How can we offer up to $100 gift card to you?
    We simply pass part of our commission to you. We are in business for over 8 years. We never have any problems paying our customers. No complaints to us at all!

    $100 gift card offer qualifications:
    24-month contract + AT120 and higher English package.

    Offers valid  between 6/10/2017 and 1/5/2018.